Bryce Vine continues to drop solid records.

“La La Land” is laid-back, smooth and nostalgic-sounding. On it, Bryce Vine tries to convince his chick to do all the clout-chasing things she’s used to doing in California with him as opposed to wherever she’s doing it now. As usual, his crooning is smooth on the track, and the vibes both him and the beat were able to offer is fantastic.

YG is also featured on “La La Land,” and on his lone verse, he mucks things up with this gangsta ass verse. Not only does he rap like he has a bunch of spit in his mouth, but he also talks about smashing chicks, too. I’m pretty sure the part of California YG is trying to take you to isn’t Beverley Hills, girl.

I can definitely see myself bumpin’ this joint a lot in the summertime.