Salute to both a legendary reggae artist and an up-and-coming rap star for this track!

To me, Junior Reid’s music has always been tough as hell, which is why plenty of rappers have used his vocals to make their music sound a big grittier. In “Party,” his latest single featuring Brooklyn native Richy718, the duo was able to create this grungy club anthem that contains a classic contribution by Reid and some pretty hard lyrical content by Rich.

You know why I f**k with this joint? Because it has this grungy vibe to it, but it’s also catchy enough to make you nod your head thanks to Junior Reid’s infectious contributions. Also, I’ve always f**ed with NY rappers linking up with reggae artists to make records (ala Notorious B.I.G on “Respect”), so I enjoyed Rich’s clever bars and astute punchlines on his lone verse. In my opinion, the result of the two artists linking up led to nothing but boss s**t.

“Party” was released under JMJ records, which was relaunched recently by Jason Mizell Jr (The son of legendary Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC). To get booking from them, contact JMJRECORDSLLC@GMAIL.COM.