Megan & Caitlin do a great job of putting all the vultures of the world in their places on this song!

Megan and Caitlin are a sister duo from Chicago, IL that wear their hearts on their sleeves when they make music. That doesn’t mean sad and lonely songs are all they make, they also create inspiring tunes with witty lyrics and pretty dynamic harmonies. In “Mean,” their latest release, they put their skills to the test, creating an explosive gem that does a great job of empowering whoever that listens to it.

The subject-matter behind “Mean” is absolutely powerful. It touches on the topic of standing up for yourself in the midst of doubt coming from all angles. As a listener, you will love everything from the sacred instrumental that the two sisters sing on top of to the sturdy vocal performances they deliver. Each will give you the chills, and that is without me mentioning their heartfelt lyrical content and highly infectious melodies.

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