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Luckydabo$$ Motivates In “Awakeness”

If Giannis Antetokounmpo was a rapper, he would sound like Luckydabo$$.

It’s pretty obvious to see that Luckydabo$$ has the confidence of a polished NBA player and the swag of a movie star. His appearance is glaring, and his presence when he speaks is undeniable. On his latest project, “The Me$$age,” Lucky delivers a sound that is highly unique to the masses, while also delivering words of wisdom everyone walking planet earth can use in their life. One of the singles off of the project is “Awakeness,” and as expected, the song does everything in its power to make you feel royal.

Blessed with the purest of African accents, LuckyDaBo$$ attacks this bass boomin’/wavy instrumental with lyrical body blows and complex flows. Additionally, he bosses up, stealing our women, making the smartest of moves and flossing. Notes taken!

Make sure you check out LuckyDaBo$$’s “Awakeness” up top! (Also, who’s brave enough to tell Lucky that ‘Awakeness’ isn’t a word?)



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