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Glocck Vee & Mike Beezy Bad Guy Play Bullies In “IDGF About Yo Hittas”

Glocck and Mike’s dracos are working eight hour days.

Glocck Vee is a rapper from Albuquerque, NM that doesn’t mind keeping s**t gangsta every chance he gets. More than anything, you get these sentiments on his new track titled “IDGF ABOUT YO HITTAS” featuring Mike Beezy Bad Azz.

Powered by this menacing instrumental that is capable of shaking cowboys out of their boots, both Mike and Glocck go off, spitting bars about everything from their weapon arsenal to savage mindsets when it comes to putting foes in their places. Though I’m one of those people that loves to keep the peace, I enjoyed how tough each rapper spit on the track, bum-rushing their way to the finish line utilizing clever punchlines and astute wordplay. I also f**k with the unique flows they used, as they opted to find different ways than their peers to attack a traditional rap beat. I respect it.

You need a wake up call? Listen to “IDGF ABOUT YO HITTAS” up top.


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