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The Gillum Bros Gleam In “Elixir Of Lyfe”


I’ll have two shots of Lyfe’s Elixir, hold the ice.

The Gillum Bros aren’t just your everyday musicians — they are also artistic individuals that step outside of the box to make music whenever they need to; don’t believe me? Listen to their new album titled “Mooshie Music.” On it, they are raw, creative, vulnerable and absolutely daring. One of my favorite songs from the eleven track project is “Elixir of Lyfe,” and below, I will summarize what I like about it.

“Elixir of Lyfe” is pretty funky. It is powered by this heart-pumping instrumental that gives off both vintage and cartoonish vibes. Over this instrumental, The Gillum Bros shine, gifting us with a combination of gentle crooning and stimulating lyrical content revolving around getting buzzed off of someone else’s presence. Personally, I love the colorful feels the song gives off, especially how it illuminates more and more as it plays on. I also like the many different melodies the two brothers give us, despite any of them sounding the same.

Make sure you check out “Elixir of Life” up top!






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