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Hro Palyan Gets High Off “White China”


Folks, “White China” is a great song, but I recommend you stay away from that s**t.

Hro Palyan is an Armenian-American rapper, that quite frankly, is wild as s**t! First and foremost, his influences are DMX, Nate Dogg, Eminem and Dre, and we all know those are dudes that don’t give a f**k when they make music. Anyway, in his new single titled “White China,” Hro spazzes out — both on the mic and on the floor… Yikes!

As expected, ‘White China’ refers to drugs — the rough kind, and Hro is one of those people that talks about using it heavily. On the song, the California-based rapper goes into detail on how drugs has altered his ability to make rational decisions, and worst of all, how it has effected his sex life (especially on his end).

Musically, “White China” is as heavy-hitting as it gets, boasting this kick-ass instrumental that does everything in its power to chastise your speaker systems. From there, Hro spits clear and concise bars, while at the same time, showing a level of animation that makes his drug tales sound even more intriguing.

On some real s**t, I love the message this song gives off. Hro talks about drug-usage on it, but he does it in a non-bias way — In other words, he made sure to point out the good, the bad and the ugly when it came to using it, getting as uncomfortably specific as it gets for each. As an advocate for safe drug-usage, I was OK with what I heard here.



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