I have a full page of inspirational quotes after listening to this song.

Daniel Cronson is a talented musician out of Chicago that has been mastering his craft in a variety of ways these last five years. In “Grand Visions,” his latest single, I strongly believe he reaches his peak, blessing us with something soothing, enjoyable and real!

You know what I like about “Grand Visions?” Not only does it feature these soothing vibes that puts you in this relaxed state of mind, but Daniel’s gentle crooning also does a great job of setting up camp in your soul. What I LOVE about the song is the topic that powers it: It revolves around the idea of false truths effecting our dreams, ultimately making it hard to believe in all the people/things around us. That’s deep, right?

Kehinde is featured on “Grand Visions,” and I thought he put up a phenomenal verse! His grittiness and astute wordplay definitely gave the song another angle to admire it from.

Dan and Kehinde, I’m woke now! Thanks!