Lizzo has had enough of the skinny girl tracks!

If you are anything like me, you clicked on “Tempo” because it said that it featured Missy Elliott. No need to be ashamed, Missy is a legendary figure in the hip-hop game that needs to be heard every time she drops something new. However, after listening to this particular song, you will give major props to Lizzo.

“Tempo” features an explosive instrumental that I can almost guarantee will get everyone in the room that it’s played in out of their seats. Over this instrumental, Lizzo and Missy rap explosively, endorsing faster tempo songs and bigging up all the big girls of the world that have trouble dancing to slow jams. Even though I am an athletic 6’1 guy that enjoys skinny people music, I enjoyed this muthaf**kin’ song like I was the second coming of Octavia Spencer!

Lizzo should/could blow up really soon.