Hustler sentiments ring bells throughout “NOMO.”

Beav is a highly talented rapper that hails from Charleston, MO that loves to talk about his life and times in his music. With that being said, what you might hear from him on one of his verses could revolve around some hustling or gritty s**t; “NOMO” touches on both.

“NOMO” is grungy, mean and absolutely gangsta. With it being powered by this brute instrumental, Beav bullies his way to the finish line, referencing his hustling ways and putting imposters in their places. Literally, the song feels like a crackdown on the fugazi.

Beav’s rapping skills in this song are phenomenal! I love how he utilizes strong wordplay and hefty flows to describe his boss don ways, never flinching a single second. Kudos to him.

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