Murder never sounded so amazing!

To call Paris Unltd talented is an understatement. His knack for creating music that is fun and danceable, yet edgy and daring is genius! In “Murder Me,” his latest single, the South African raised musician delivers a top notch performance, despite sounding beyond heartbroken content-wise.

If you are like me, you’re thinking a song called “Murder Me” will probably sound grungy, dark and possibly disturbing; it is neither. Instead, what you get is something that is joyous, electrifying and painstakingly honest. With the surprisingly joyful-sounding tune being powered by this uptempo instrumental that promotes break-dancing and professional pop-locking, Paris glows, gifting us with this outstanding vocal performance that features excellent energy and versatile trill. Fortunately (Or unfortunately, depending how you look at it), this aspect masks the lust, anger and frustration that Paris has come to feel dealing with a detached love of his.

I couldn’t stop vibing to “Murder Me,” folks! I absolutely loved it!