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Kfir Releases The Passionate “Outta Love”


Kfir holds nothing back in “Outta Love.”

To fully understand Kfir, you have to listen to both the passion in his voice when he sings and his engaging lyrical content. In his latest single, “Outta Love,” listeners are treated to both aspects from the New York native, which as a result, makes for quite the musical experience.

With “Outta Love” revolving around a romantic relationship between two individuals that has gotten a bit stale as of late, Kfir shines, delivering this descriptive, alluring and enthralling performance that never lets up in emotion. What makes the tune even more engrossing is the cinematic instrumental Kfir sings over, as it features its fair share of dramatic moments, giving off a sound that is more than capable of winning ‘best movie score’ at the Oscars. When you combine the two entities together, you get pop gold!

Listen to Kfir’s “Outta Love” at the top of the page!



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