Who needs some Red Bull shots in the form of music?

Ryder Sinclair is a kick-ass artist that knows how to blend the grittiness of hip-hop with the explosiveness of EDM when he creates music. In his latest single, “What You Want,” Sinclair fiddles with the two worlds once again, creating this high-octane banger that does everything in its power to turn any day of the week into a Friday.

On the real, there are so many things to love about “What I Want.” First and foremost, I love the instrumental attached to it, as it boasts this futuristic sound that truly makes you believe Sinclair was in the studio with a Decepticon when he made it. Speaking of Sinclair, I enjoy how he kept things simple lyrically, relying on his melodic rapping and powerful sentiments about being the best version of himself guide him through life. Well done, bro!

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