Believe it or not, this song goes HARD!

Saweetie is looking to release a brand new EP really soon, and apparently, it features a couple of songs with her current boo Quavo; one of those songs is “Tip Toes.”

“Tip Toes” is powered by this Mario Bros-like instrumental that has a bit of trap attached to it. Over this instrumental, both Saweetie and Quavo give ratchet compliments to one another, making listeners feel like perverted flies on the wall.

While I expected a fire hook by Quavo on this track, it was his raw ass rapping that caught my attention the most. I guess he has to prove to his hood he isn’t sprung, despite delivering some pretty sprung ass lyrics.

Listen, I love Cardi B like the rest of ya’ll, but please don’t sleep on Saweetie; she’s bad as s**t!