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Earl Donald Gets Introspective In “Shadow Visions”


Do this song justice by listening to it with your eyes closed.

“Shadow Visions” is one of those songs that calms the nerves. The instrumental behind it is soothing, featuring vibes that are breezy and flippant. While listening to it, I can guarantee you will zone out, feeling hypnotized at its every move.

In terms of Earl Donald’s contributions on this song, it is pretty daring. Though you are not going to mistake him for the second coming of Sam Smith, he surely has the same confidence as the multi-platinum singer, plowing through his verses utilizing both strong melodic and harmonic attributes. Additionally, I feel Donald’s lyrics are nothing short of passionate, boasting sentiments such as honesty, openness and vulnerability every step of the way.

“Shadow Visions” wins when it comes to standing out by being its unapologetic self. It’s one of those songs you can go to in order to feel something, which in my opinion, listeners shouldn’t take for granted.



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