Take a trip to “Tel Aviv” without even leaving your parent’s basement!

Skaa is no stranger to The Ratings Game, as he’s dropped a few songs for us in the past that I can honestly say satisfied my rap cravings. Today, the Filipino-American rapper decided to hook us up with yet another solid track, but this time around, it’s the vibes him and producer Joemay were able to create on it that catches my attention the most.

“Tel Aviv” is riveting, authentically hip-hop, and most importantly, soul-clinching. Powered by this hard-hitting yet emotional instrumental, Skaa let’s loose, spitting introspective bars about everything from his rap aspirations to how his hustling ways has granted him an opportunity to see the beautiful Tel Aviv. As usual, what I love about Skaa’s approach to this track is his focus: Every bar sounds well thought-out, the flows he uses sounds impregnable, and lyrically, s**t sounds all-the-way pure.

If you need some cool vibes, a rap fix or extra motivation to reach your dreams, give “Tel Aviv” a play.