Woven Green Overcomes Negative Thoughts In “Breaking Free”


“Breaking Free” is a prime example of a song having the ability to lift spirits.

In a world full of uncertainty and gloom, music can provide that one semblance of positivitiy we all need in our lives. Whether it’s lively vibes a song can give off, or words of encouragement lyrics can instill, I believe you can gain something from what you hear in your earphones on a daily basis. Woven Green gives credence to this way of thinking, as they dedicate a good chunk of their music to fostering productive ways of going about life. In their latest single, “Breaking Free,” the duo stays true to what they do well by gifting us with truly heartwarming music.

“Breaking Free” is energetic, dynamic and electrifying. On it, Woven Green blesses us with an explosive instrumental full of phenomenal guitar-play and blunt drumming, and vocals that are both boisterous and rejuvenating. With the topic of the song revolving around finding power within’ yourself, I thought the duo did everything possible to make listeners feel like they could overcome anything.

If you need your spirits uplifted, I recommend you play this song!



3 thoughts on “Woven Green Overcomes Negative Thoughts In “Breaking Free”

  1. Uplifting vocal magic, electrifying, phenomenal guitar work, nails it! Their music and your words brightened my day!

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