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Kfresh Drops New Club Banger Called “She Knows”

Kfresh has stolen our girls, brainwashing them in the process! (Who’s going to call 911 on him?)

Kfresh is no different than any one of your homies that is all about having a good time with some pretty extravagant looking women. The only difference between you and him is that he is able to translate his fun times into music, with “She Knows” being the latest example of this.

“She Knows” screams out club banger, to me, as it boasts this heavy-hitting instrumental that has its fair-share of flamboyancy attached to it. Over this instrumental, Kfresh sings and raps about knowing all the things your everyday bad chick will love, and how he can provide it to them easier than you can count to 3. Personally, I love both the melody and carefree bars K drops on this song, especially how he shows no shame in falling deeply in love with some punani. I also enjoy the bootylicious artwork attached to the song, but we won’t elaborate on that…

At this point, you rappers can have my girl (I don’t even feel like fighting ya’ll)…



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