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Chris Brown Shines In “Back To Love” Song & Video

Chris Brown is back, folks! Guess I gotta bring my dancing shoes out of the closet…

Hate’em or love’em, Chris Brown will undeniably go down as one of the greatest entertainers to ever live. His knack for making timeless music is pretty apparent, but I think it’s his ability to put on a show while gifting us with great music that stands out the most. In “Back To Love,” his latest single, the Virginia-born singer proves my point, delivering this absolute gem that has him singing glowingly about trying to find a love that is Teflon strong over this vibrant instrumental. Listeners, you will love the melodies he was able to deliver, the energy he gives off, and if you are watching the accompanying music video to the song, you will find pure enjoyment in the dance moves he breaks out.

Chris is almost 30, yet he still has moves like a 29 year old!



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