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Christa Deana Blesses Us With Soulful Music In “Shine”

Nothing will ever stop that smile Christa has on her face.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: When a song can make you feel something, you need to cherish it with all your heart. “Shine” by Christa Deana is one of those songs that makes you feel something, and trust me, it’s something good!

Powered by this spirited instrumental, Christa shines bright, singing about the resiliency she has in her heart through our LORD and Savior. What I love about her contributions on this song is that it gives off nothing but positive vibes throughout, and lyrically, it is as inspirational as it is passionate. Additionally, I think listeners will love how exuberantly Christa sings, as she lets loose vocally and gets lost in the energy of the production she was served with. All in all, I love every aspect of “Shine,” and even feel rejuvenated after listening to it.

Make sure you take advantage of the spiritual cleanse that is “Shine!”



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