I’m sure Hundred Round Kado left the studio shattered after he laid this song down.

Hundred Round Kado doesn’t only have one of the sickest names in hip-hop history, but he can also rap his ass off, too! Since 2009, he has released a myriad of projects under the moniker Ricky Gramz, establishing a solid reputation in the Boston, Massachusetts area. In “Instigator Freestyle,” his latest release, Kado impresses, dropping passionate/emotional bars literally from start to finish.

You know what I love about this song? It feels like Kado is simply venting on it, as he talks about personal problems such as losing his brother, dealing with a disgruntled ex and navigating in a world full of backstabbing individuals. Every bar Kado drops sounds real as hell, especially considering how intense he gets as the track goes on. On the real, how can you not feel dude listening to him rap here?

This is easily the realest track I’ve heard this month.