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Megan The Stallion & Yo Gotti Hop On Khalid’s “Talk”


If Megan The Stallion has to get you to talk to her, you may have to question your life.

If you’ve been reading this site, you know that I love Khalid’s “Talk” track a lot. I think it’s funky, catchy and highly infectious. In my opinion, it didn’t not need to be revamped, yet we stand here today with a new version of it featuring Megan The Stallion and Yo Gotti.

As expected, both Megan The Stallion and Yo Gotti add some trillness to “Talk,” describing their ratchet ways of wooing both men and women through painfully honest bars and grungy singing/rapping. Personally, I won’t be downloading this new version they are on, but I can see a self-proclaimed thug choosing to go this route if they like the original song and want to still keep their gangsta points.

Who the f**k recruited Megan The Stallion and Yo Gotti for this particular song? Ghetto Cupid?




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