Mattia Cupelli’s “Dive” Is Beyond Soothing


This riveting instrumental will take you on a journey.

Music is so much funner when it has no boundaries and can take you on a fantasy-like journey; in my opinion, Mattia Cupelli’s music is able to do this, which is why I think “Dive” is a must-listen.

“Dive” starts off pretty gentle, as it gives off sounds of wind that is soothing to listen to. As it continues to play on, it begins to have this techno backdrop that creates a great tempo for listeners to soak in. From there, things get more and more dramatic, as Mattia adds elements such as raindrops and sounds of heavier wind to the equation, creating an intense concoction. Interestingly enough, while listening to the instrumental, I felt several different emotions: Sadness, unease and anxiousness. That’s when I realized that without really trying, the instrumental turned from a cold and lonely day in a quiet town, to an urgent stroll in the busiest roads of New York City.

“Dive” is fantastic work by Mattia Cupelli! I recommend you listen to it at the top of the page.



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