Diamond Lake Provides Us With Electrifying Vibes In “LIGHT ON”

Diamond Lake does everything in their power to get you out of your seat on this song.

In my humbling opinion, there is something pure, refreshing and exciting about Diamond Lake’s music. In the bands latest EP, “Changes,” they continue to impress me, with the lead single to the project titled “LIGHT ON” being one of their most enjoyable songs to-date.

In “LIGHT ON,” listeners are treated to an exhilarating tune full of boisterous vocals, heavy-hitting drumming and lively guitar-play; the combination of the three aspects makes for a sound that never stops exciting. When you add the lead singer’s powerful lyrics centered around trying to mend the fractured heart of someone you love, what you get is a dynamic tune that does everything from make you emotional to make you amped up.

Make sure you listen to Diamond Lake’s “LIGHT ON” at the top of the page!


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