As long as you have this song playing in the background, every night can be a Friday night!

Jeppe Jay is a Swedish songwriter/producer that has perfected the art of making solid EDM tunes. On his new EP, “Over You,” he plays the role as artist for the very first time, blessing us with some of the most enjoyable music you would hear today; “Over You” is a prime example of this.

“Over You” is explosive, energetic and pretty powerful. On it, you get a blissful vocal performance, lots of passion and hypnotizing lyrics. While I think the singing on this song is wonderful, I believe it’s the upbeat instrumental that powers the song that is breath-taking, as it takes you on the musical version of a roller-coaster ride that has nothing but highs.

Yes, you listen to “Over You” with your ears, but its energy does something to every part of your body!