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Beyoncè Remakes “Before I Let Go”


“Tay Keith, f**k these black barbecues up!”

As you may know by now, Beyoncè decided to release a brand new live album titled “Homecoming,” and on it, she provides us with renditions of her hottest tracks. Additionally, there are two bonus cuts, with “Before I Let Go” being one of them.

Initially, I thought Beyoncè was too young to be doing a remake to this old people-loving “Before I Let Go” song, but after hearing her roaring vocals and ability to catch listeners attention with her wittiness throughout it, I became a fan. I also love how B plugs in the right amount of present day vibes into the song, while also maintaining the original nature of it. Well done, Queen!

I shook my ass til’ the door bell rang listening to this joint!



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