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Willie The Kid Puts His Love Life On Display In “Dreaming”

Willie The Kid’s tales about his main chicks are a listener’s treat.

I am a major fan of Willie The Kid. Since his days running with DJ Drama and Don Cannon, I thought he was a phenomenal MC that could go toe to toe with any rapper in the game. In his latest project with producer DUS, the Grand Rapids native continues to shine, gifting us with a smooth banger that has him letting us all know he’s been with nothing but top notch chicks these last couple of years.

Powered by this hard-hitting, yet serene instrumental (Kudos to DUS), Willie describes the encounters he has had with a few chicks we probably can’t get. What I love about his contributions on this song is that he’s so vivid with his details, describing what was going through his mind, what was going on around the room, and what he was drinking and eating at the time. I also like how sturdy his approach is on his raps, as he consistently spews out his lyrics with this raw nature that lets me know everything he says is real. Lastly, when you add featured guest Blue Raspberry’s soulful, passionate and emotional vocals to the equation, what you get is a solid hit that shines when it comes to both laidback and authentic rap vibes.

Make sure you checkout Willie The Kid and DUS’ upcoming EP titled “City Lights” when it drops this Friday!



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