Fairfax, VA’s very own, Treece Money, tries to find success, love, happiness and cool vibes in “Summer Nights.”





Please don’t tell me Treece Money is talking about that one strip club near the Chic-fil-a in Springfield (SMH).

We hear so many strip club songs on the radio these days, and for the most part, they all sound the same; “Paper Moon” is one of the few that sounds different. First and foremost, the brief track gives off smooth vibes on the instrumental, in which Treece does everything from harmonize gently to rap bubbly over it, doing his best to describe the comforting feeling he gets when he interacts with a stripper that he’s feeling. While this delicate love story may sound inconceivable to some, everyone can relate with being attracted to something people think you probably shouldn’t.

I always fall in love with strippers when I go to the strip club, which makes me a very broke man the next day.




I’ve always been a major fan of rock-inspired rap songs like “Ice Cream Cone.” On this particular instance of it, you get a guitar-heavy instrumental and a hook that is just as chilling as it is infectious. As for Treece’s raps on this song, they are delivered in the same manner as the other songs (Same pace, same appeal and same coolness). Throughout his verses, the 33 year old rapper doesn’t stress a single thing, which makes his compliments towards this girl he’s feeling sound smoother than a muthaf**ka! This tells me that Treece is the type of dude that wouldn’t run when shots pop off in a venue.




“Twice As Bright” is a passionate track in which Treece and featured guest G Cap literally give listeners a glimpse into their mental when it comes to being successful and dismissing haters. Personally, I enjoy the urgency attached to the song’s instrumental, and how it bounces between hard-hitting and outer-spaceish throughout — this forces motivated, focused and serious bars to come out both of the rapper’s mouths.

Wanna see a dead beat? Listen to this song!




90’s vibes reverberate all over “Have 2 Ride.” Matter of fact, I felt like I was listening to an old school Dr. Dre song as it played.

Powered by this smooth rap instrumental, Treece Money gets the spittin,’ talking about cruising in his car, smoking on something strong and drinking til’ he can’t anymore (I am assuming not all at the same time). He also talks about reaching his dreams, encouraging his homies and bad chicks to follow him on that path. Personally, I love the vibes attached to this song the most, followed by Treece’s laid-back bars (That almost come out like a freestyle) and relatable lyrical content. The cherry on the top is the infectious hook Treece was able to lay down.




I love everything about “Nothing!” First and foremost, it opens up the album with style, featuring a hard-hitting/riveting instrumental, inspirational bars and an aggressive tone from Treece from start to finish. On the real, it feels like the DMV rapper wanted to make sure you got the proper introduction to him with this song, which by the end of it, you realize he’s a GOD-fearing, motivated dude that has learned a bunch of lessons on his 33 years on this earth.


1. NOTHING (5/5)

2. GET DAT DOE (4/5)

3. HAF2RIDE (4.5/5)

4. ICE CREAM CONE (4.5/5)

5. HOP IN THE BENZ (4/5)

6. CINCO DE MAYO (4/5)

7. PAPER MOON (4/5)

8. SAVE MY SOUL (3/5)

9. TAKE OFF (3.5/5)

10. EXCEPT THIS (4/5)

11. TWICE AS BRIGHT (4.5/5)

12. MONEY MAMBO (3.5/5)

13. SMOKING GUN (4/5)

14. RAIN CHECK (4/5)


16. SIMPLE LIFE (4.5/5)

17. LIFESTYLE (4/5)

18. MIND GOING (3.5/5)

19. ALL ABOUT LUV (4/5)




From the moment you press play on “Summer Nights,” you’ll quickly realize how good of a f**king rapper Treece Money is. In my opinion, he has the whole package: Excellent punchlines, outstanding wordplay, appeal, meaningful lyrical content and impressive flows. Throughout this album, he uses his rap skills for good, doing everything from gifting us with summertime vibes to inspiring us to be the best versions of ourselves.

I absolutely loved the production on this album! You get everything from old school to rock star to Latin beats on it, which keeps listeners on their toes as they let the album run through. Luckily for us, Treece is more than equipped to handle each instrumental he is handed, attacking them in a variety of ways that I think fits each time. Kudos to the producers that created beats on this album, in addition to Treece for his ability to select beats that were dynamic.

In this day and age, rappers rely on features to carry them to the finish line; in this album, for the most part, Treece Money was the only artist you heard rap. I loved this aspect of the album, because it allowed listeners to connect with him when it came to finding love, finding himself, finding success and finding the right things to do on a chill summer night. Aside from admiring Treece’s rap skills, I also think he comes across as a cool ass dude I could have a few drinks with at a bar in Merrifield (He doesn’t strike me as a ‘The Park at 14th’ type of a guy).

I really enjoyed this album a lot! In my opinion, it is the definition of a body of work that is complete and meaningful. In an industry that is full of artists that are infatuated with living a fairy-tale life, it’s refreshing to hear someone regular-degular individuals like myself can relate with for nineteen tracks.