JDOVE Plays Rap Musician In “The Simplest”


JDOVE likes his music like I like my women: Simple.

It’s always intriguing finding out the origins behind a song. I find questions like: ‘What is the purpose of this song?’ ‘What inspired this song?’ ‘What frame of mind was the person in when they created this song?’ key to the full enjoyment of it. In “The Simplest,” JDOVE’s latest release, he talks about being inspired by small plates at a restaurant, and after pondering that notion for a few seconds, I realized how f**king dope that is!

In “The Simplest,”  JDOVE throws lyrical hay-makers over this hard-hitting/jazzy instrumental (Kudos to Koebbel & Bngs for making the beat). To be more specific, the Los Angeles native raps focused on the track, dishing out clever punchlines and nothing but passionate lyrics about everything from his previous career to his rise to the top as one of the best lyricists in the game. While I disagree with him when he says this song is a simple one, especially when you consider the complex beat he raps over, I do hear how he shines by being nothing more than himself.

Listen to JDOVE’s “The Simplest” at the top of the page! Additionally, follow him on Instagram at the link below:





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