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Knowshun Plays The Perfect Rap Villain In “Dedicated (Remix)”


Knowshun should be favored if he ever decided to go against any rapper in the game. 

Knowshun is a lyricist/producer from Chicago, IL that I am convinced created rap. His ability to toy with instrumentals like they were wounded animals is hella impressive, especially when it comes to his knack for spitting with impregnable flows, delivering jaw-dropping punchlines and coming up with clever subject-matters. In “Dedicated (Remix),” a song Knowshun says was inspired by a nightmare he once had, the ferocious rapper chastises the ghoulish beat he was served with, showing the world he’s no punk, weak MC or regular human-being.

I am being completely honest with you when I say that the raps on this song were some of the greatest I’ve ever heard in my life. One minute in, I was shaking my head; two minutes in, I picked up the phone and called the cops. Well done, Knowshun!



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