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B.o.B. Returns With “Soul Glo”

Does B.o.B. have one last run in him?

What you guys may not know is that I was once a huge B.o.B. fan. I thought his first album, “The Adventures of Bobby Ray,” was fire, as he did a great job of showing off his many skills on it. Since then, he hasn’t quite been able to live up to his potential, which has been very disappointing. Today, the Atlanta rapper looks to make some new magic, creating a brand new single called “Soul Glo” that features ‘Coming To America’ snippets, lots of energy production-wise, and most importantly, a version of himself that is daring, hoppy, lively and creative. S**t, he might be back, folks!

I am actually looking forward to hearing B.o.B.’s new “NAGA” album!



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