More!More! are the type of musicians I would love to drink Jager bombs with.

More!More! are a band from Pasadena, California that makes music, and I’m guessing, bar hops when they are not making music. Really soon, they are looking to release their brand new EP titled “Nice Shirt,” and on it, I expect to hear nothing but organized mayhem. One of the first singles off of the band’s upcoming project is “Last Passion Project” — An explosive gem that does everything in its power to make you want to spend money to see them in concert.

“Last Passion Project” is powered by a hard-hitting instrumental that features tumultuous drumming, electrifying guitar-play and a splash (Just a splash) of colorful vibes. Over this instrumental, the lead singer of More!More! delivers a powerful  performance that involves boisterous singing, a bit of storytelling, great advice, and my personal favorite aspect, random moments of yelling. When you combine everything together, what you get is a high-octane rock track that never lets up in intensity.

Make sure you check out More!More!’s “Last Passion Project” at the top of the page! Also, stay tuned for their new EP titled “Nice Shirt!”