TopJaw Creates The Perfect Rock Anthem In “Dealin’ Double”


“Dealin’ Double” reminds the world about our good ol’ friend named Karma.

TopJaw is a Los Angeles based hard rock/blues band that has a knack for electrifying audiences with their high-octane sound. In their latest single, “Dealin’ Double,” they do just that, gifting us with an absolute heavy-hitter that also has a story attached to it that I’m sure you will find riveting.

“Dealin’ Double” features hard-hitting drumming, dynamic/kick-ass guitar-play, and ferocious singing. The combination of the three elements results in music so explosive, I would’ve preferred someone from TopJaw to give us a disclaimer before we pressed play on it. With that being said, the one aspect that caught my attention the most about this song was the story attached to it — it revolves around a girl that is intent on burning her bridges and lying her way through life, not knowing
that karma never sleeps. Personally, I believe the message that you get from this story is deep, especially when it comes to individuals that always seem to think they can get one over on you.

“Dealin’ Double” is way too fun to pass up! Kudos to TopJaw for giving us the Rock/Blues fix we all need in our lives.




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