Stop everything you’re doing and rock out!

Is there a genre better at electrifying your soul than EDM? Whenever it comes on around me, I feel alive, especially when it’s played in a club setting or car show. In “Palolem,” yet another explosive EDM hit, Grant Saxena continues to make me love the genre, as he was able to create something futuristic-sounding, hard-hitting and high-octane.

You know what I love most about “Palolem?” It has a very versatile sound attached to it. Not only does it borrow elements from past EDM sub-genres such as dub and disco, but it also incorporates modern day rave and dance vibes into the equation, too. When it’s all said and done, Grant was able to take us to the future, while also making sure we acknowledge the past.

I’m all for music that takes you on roller-coaster rides, and “Palolem” is one of those songs that does that.