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Ranzel X Kendrick Tells Quite The Tale In “Son Of A Gun”

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“Son Of A Gun” reminds me of how enjoyable music can be when it comes from a honest place.

The Texas rooted Ranzel X Kendrick has a lot of soul in him. With so much experience in the music industry under his belt, it’s nice to hear knowledge, wise words and laidback vibes from him, especially when it’s packaged in solid music. In “Son Of A Gun,” listeners are treated to just that, which results in a track that is as honest as it is soothing.

You know what I love about “Son Of A Gun?” It’s raw. With the instrumental behind the track featuring authentic country vibes, Ranzel lets loose, singing about having a good time with beers, guitars and good company. I love how unapologetic he is in his sentiments, blaming any misunderstandings on him being a man’s man. In my opinion, listeners will love how he doesn’t stress a single word, instead, he barrels his way to the finish line of this song with nothing but pure sincerity.

Thank you Ranzel X Kendrick for this country gem that I can’t help but respect with all my heart.



One thought on “Ranzel X Kendrick Tells Quite The Tale In “Son Of A Gun”

  1. Ranzel X Kendrick, here… Thanks for your listen and comments to a fun mini-classic song recording. No one knows but I invited a 16-year old guitar son-of-a-great guitarist friend to play with us on this cut. So, it is really infused with a wonderful youthful spirit…

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