I needed to be wiped down today, too! But that’s because I spilled a lot of plantain oil on my shirt (That s**t be spraying all over the place when you’re cooking it).

If you are a true hip-hop fan, Thutmose has to be an artist you are familiar with. Not only is he named after a Pharaoh, but he is also a pretty dynamic musician that is capable of both singing and rapping effectively. In “Wipe Me Down,” his latest single, the Lagos born unicorn simply has a good time on the mic, gifting us with an anthem that is heavy on the bass, braggadocios when it comes to lyrical content, and most importantly, big on club vibes.

Tory Lanez is featured on “Wipe Me Down,” and on his part, he spits competitively, utilizing a steady flow, a splash of a melodic sound, and lots of tough ass lyrics. In other words, you get Tory at his best on this song.

Ya’ll think Thutmose is going to blow up? I’m asking for a friend…