Blueface Loses It On “Stop Cappin”

Blueface brought out his Tekashi 69 side on this song.

Listen, the fact of the matter is that Blueface is a horrible rapper. It is what it is, I’ve accepted it and moved on. I will say this though: He has some pretty decent energy in his music, and in his latest single, “Stop Cappin,” he gives us energy on steroids.

“Stop Cappin” is authentically west coast-sounding, as it boasts a tough ass beat even the softest of thugs would gang bang to. Over this beat, Blueface┬áloses his s**t, rapping about never slipping, riding out with some hefty guns and treating chicks like Oscar Meyer workers. While the LA rapper’s lyrics fall in line with what the other gangsta rappers talk about in their music, his unorthodox approach to spitting is what makes what you hear unique.

Blueface sounds like an excited ass kid that couldn’t wait to tell his parents that he won a pencil fight at school.




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