YG done went Telemundo on us!

Never in a million of years did I think I would hear YG and Tyga on a Telenovela. Well that’s what we got today (sort-of), as DJ Mustard was able to gift both LA rappers with a trap Latin beat that will make you want to tango and crip walk at the same time.

You know what impresses me about this track? Both Tyga and YG are able to experiment with Spanish lyrics on it, but at the same time, still sound like straight up gangstas. Not only do they talk about guns and s**t, but they also talk about going loco on n*ggas, too. As for Jon Z, I am happy that he adds some authentic Latin vibes to the song on his lone verse.

I’m not going to lie, this song is kind-of boring… Tyga’s hook is yawn-worthy, while YG’s verse is so early In the song, I forgot he was even on it.