PnB Rock and Lil Wayne are homebodies like me!

I’m not going to lie, I f**k with real ass tracks like “T-Shirt.” The song talks about having that one chick that is so dope, you can chill with her at home watching Netflix and s**t. While I would’ve preferred to hear PnB Rock take care of all the singing duties on this track, Lil Wayne’s verse is still dope, as he talks about doing everything from f**king his down ass chick to almost having a tear in his eyes because he knows she loves him so much (Aww). As for Pnb, he has just as much love for his chick as Wayne does, he just shows it in a helluva disrespectful way. But hey, it’s the thought that counts (Even if its dirty).

PnB Rock’s hair looks like black spaghetti.