Oh Well Gets Real In “Forging A False Reality”


Isn’t forging false realities what those Full House actors did for their kids to get into college?

If you know anything about Oh Well’s music, you should expect them to blow your mind anytime you press-play on one of their songs. In “Forging A False Reality,” one of the songs off of their latest EP, the band gifts us with a hypnotizing track that will make you nod your head and look over you back all at the same time.

“Forging A False Reality” is powered by this hard-hitting beat that has plenty of orchestral elements attached to it. Over this instrumental, the lead singer of the one-piece project drops thoughtful lyrics about taking control of oneself and the importance of cleansing your soul. Personally, I love how the song has this dramatic feel overall, but also a high-octane vibe attached to it that makes you want to drink and pester random pedestrians.

Make sure you listen to “Forging a False Reality” at the top of the page!




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