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Madonna & Swae Lee “Crave” One Another In New Song


Yo, n***as love Madonna!

To put this in perspective, Madonna has been a musician longer than I’ve been alive. With that being said, she’s made several different hits, and has linked up with numerous artists in her career. For one of the few times, one of the artists she has decided to link up with for a song is a hip-hop artist.

“Crave” is technically a duet, but Billboard won’t call it that because they think Swae Lee is a rapper. Anyway, on the track, both Madonna and Lee croon gently about wanting one another, caring less that they sound thirsty and sprung. While neither of our heroes necessarily sound all that great vocally, I do f**k with the chemistry they show throughout the song, and how that chemistry translates to interesting visions of the two laying in bed together (Interesting is probably an understatement).

You can’t pay me to watch a porn with Swae Lee and Madonna in it.



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