You can tell Dubble U is the type of rapper that doesn’t take s**t based off of the picture you see above.

Dubble U is from Dallas, TX, which means everything he does is probably big. In “Promises,” one of his latest freestyles, he drops fiery bars over this wicked ass instrumental that never lets up in trap vibes (i.e. He does some big s**t on the track).

You know the number one thing I pay attention to when I hear someone rap? Their confidence. In my opinion, it’s mandatory to have some charisma to you, especially when it comes to freestyles. Dubble U shows us he has lots of charisma on “Promises,” as he plows his way through the track explaining why he’s one of the dopest rappers in the game, why he has a violent mentality, and how he was able to steal our girls. While Dub’s verses feel pretty structure-less, I think it’s important to remind you that it was completely freestyled.

Make sure you listen to “Promises” by Dubble U HERE!