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Jayductions Goes For The Kill In “Blessings”


Jayductions spits out information quicker than a TI-83 calculator on this song.

There are rappers, and then there are rappers that are probably possessed: Jayductions falls in the latter category. When he raps, he spits nothing but ferocious bars, literally prompting you to grab your phone and proceed to dial 911. In “Blessings,” his short but sweet new single, the Bentley Records musician holds nothing back, which results in terror for his competition.

So here’s the deal: What I heard on this song was crazy flows, clever punchlines and outstanding word-play. I also heard some pretty interesting singing, an abundance of energy, and a human being turning into a demon. Yes, folks, all this happens in less than a minute.

Anyone have the number of a good exorcist? I’m asking for a friend…





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