Rockie Brown is one bad mama jama!

Rockie Brown is a Las Vegas based singer/songwriter that is nothing less than kick-ass! When she makes music, not only does she give it her all, but she also has a knack for opening up in ways I’m simply not used to hearing from artists. In “Get Gone,” her latest single, Brown lets loose, letting the world see her vindictive side every step of the way.

“Get Gone” is powered by this arousing instrumental that features some hard-hitting drumming, venomous guitar-play and futuristic vibes. Over this instrumental, Rockie sings both serenely and boisterously, as she lets this one individual in her life know that there is no way in hell she’s going to let them run over her in any type of way. With the instrumental to the song having all kinds of intoxicating feels attached to it, I was impressed with how Rockie was able to have it on a string, jerking it any way she wanted it to go.

I would love to see Rockie Brown order at Chipotle. I have a feeling she isn’t going to accept soggy burritos or bland tasting chicken.