The trap preacher meets the dude that claims he invented sex.

YFN Lucci and Trey Songz are two of my favorite R&B acts in the hip-hop game today (I’m being sarcastic, folks). Both show passion when they sing, with the former usually accompanying his singing with deep ass lyrics the hood can usually feel. Today, the two artists decided to link up for some lovey-dovey s**t, creating a smooth banger that has them assuming their natural roles.

The moment you press play on “All Night Long,” I can guarantee that you will close your eyes. The song is powered by this revamped version of Case’s “Missin’ You” hit from way back in the day (Kudos to HitMaka for creating this), which will give you nothing but nostalgic feels. Over this instrumental, Trey Songz provides us with a silky smooth hook that has him sounding like he’s about to propose to some wild vagina, while YFN raps brashly about giving it to his chick in more ways than your traditional s**t. The combination of the three entities you get on this song is fantastic, especially considering I would’ve never guessed they would work on a song together.

When YFN Lucci raps normally, he sounds like Lil Baby.