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Young Jeezy Spits Bars Over Da Baby’s “Suge” Beat

Out of all the rappers to bring Young Jeezy out of retirement, Da Baby was it.

It seems like every quarter there is a beat that catches the attention of n***as that like to rap: Right now, Da Baby’s “Suge” is it. While we’ve heard ho-hum rap acts such as Bow Wow spit over it, today, we were blessed with an OG that decided to give the beat a stab in Jeezy.

“Suge (Freestyle)” features a numb/congested/occasionally exuberant version of Jeezy that is intent on getting his respect from n***as in the trap and fellow bald-headers. While the song is short (Approximately 1 minute and seven seconds), it was enough time to convince me this n***a’s rap career is as irrelevant as a Paul Pierce prediction.

I was a major fan of Jeezy, but on the real, I don’t think he has one more comeback in him…




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