Out of all the rappers to bring Young Jeezy out of retirement, Da Baby was it.

It seems like every quarter there is a beat that catches the attention of n***as that like to rap: Right now, Da Baby’s “Suge” is it. While we’ve heard ho-hum rap acts such as Bow Wow spit over it, today, we were blessed with an OG that decided to give the beat a stab in Jeezy.

“Suge (Freestyle)” features a numb/congested/occasionally exuberant version of Jeezy that is intent on getting his respect from n***as in the trap and fellow bald-headers. While the song is short (Approximately 1 minute and seven seconds), it was enough time to convince me this n***a’s rap career is as irrelevant as a Paul Pierce prediction.

I was a major fan of Jeezy, but on the real, I don’t think he has one more comeback in him…