You know what they say, right? Nothing good happens after 12AM, so if your girl is still out at 3AM, you are in trouble!

Midas Well clearly has the Midas touch when it comes to making music. So far, everything I’ve heard from him musically has been gold, which tells me he is one of those artists you need to hop on the wave of. In “3AM,” his latest single, Midas gifts us with a smooth gem that has him indulging in what he believes is the baddest chick roaming the streets in the late night.

You know what I love about this song? The root of the instrumental that powers it is silky smooth, but at the same time, has these dark hip-hop vibes that makes it eligible for club hit status. As for Midas, on his contributions, he did a great job of showcasing his touchy vocals throughout, while also showing the flair of a boomin’ rap star when it comes to his persona. All in all, what I heard on “3AM” was dynamic, versatile and sly.

The last time I went to a random chick’s house at 3AM, I was helping her catch a rat. It’s safe to say that I don’t attempt one night stands in DC anymore.

Make sure you check out Midas Wells new EP “Golden Rule” on all the streaming services!