Phantom Phunk Memorys A Ghost.jpg

On the real, you can’t find energetic rock music like this on the radio these days.

Phantom Phunk is literally one of those bands that are impossible to dislike. For starters, they are refreshingly different, each boasting eclectic styles that screams out wild and free. Musically, they take chances, never settling for formal or orthodox. In “Memory’s A Ghost,” their latest single, Phunk were able to deliver an exciting gem that reminds me of some ‘coming of age’ s**t.

“Memory’s A Ghost” is dynamic. It features a zany instrumental, a performance by Nicholas Emiliozz (The lead singer) that is free, quirky and adrenaline-filled, and lots of colorful vibes. Last but not least, Lyrically, I enjoy the positive words you get from Emiliozz, as he promotes living life and having the back of an individual you feel needs a helping hand; those are the type of sentiments we need to carry with us everywhere we go.

I pictured myself playing both the guitar and the drum while listening to this song.