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Katy Vernon Soothes The Soul In “In Your Shoes”

”In Your Shoes” is off of Katy Vernon’s upcoming “Suit Of Hearts” EP

Katy Vernon is a singer based in Minnesota/St. Paul, but born and raised in London England, that is beyond passionate when it comes to making music. In her latest single, “In Your Shoes,” she does a fantastic job of connecting with listeners, gifting us with a lovely tune that has her singing exuberantly about being on the same page of someone that is uncertain about themselves.

Doesn’t it feel like Katy would be the perfect motivational speaker? I feel like every step she takes on this song is pure and nurturing, as she uses her fantastic voice to sooth souls and calm nerves. When you add the lively/vibrant instrumental she sings over to the equation, what you get is the musical version of pick-me-up — an aspect that I find truly benefit giving the times we’re living in.

I would absolutely love Katy to sing this song for me on my birthday. I’m around the age that I need a shot of happiness on that day.



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