“Make It Back” is off of SHEETS0’s “As It Happens” EP

SHEETS0 is a singer/songwriter that really knows how to make you feel something in his music. Not only is able to deliver some pretty powerful lyrics in his songs, but singing-wise, he does a great job of reaching the necessary notes to convey his deep messages. In “Make It Back,” his latest single, SHEETS0 gives us something adrenaline-filled, as he does everything in his power to get the love of his life back by his side.

“Make It Back” has nothing but passion, passion and more passion! For starters, the track features this high-octane instrumental that literally sucks you into it’s world, forcing you to be at its mercy every step of the way. From there, SHEETS0 puts up the performance of his life, emotionally begging and pleading for his baby back through sturdy vocals, vulnerable lyrics and an infectious melody. In my opinion, if his baby doesn’t comeback to him after hearing this song, I’ll be convinced that they are heartless.

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